Space Struck by Paige Lewis

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  • Space Struck
  • Paige Lewis
  • Page: 96
  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
  • ISBN: 9781946448446
  • Publisher: Sarabande Books

Space Struck

Ebook rapidshare download Space Struck 9781946448446

This astonishing, self-assured debut leads us on an exploration to the stars and back, begging us to reconsider our boundaries of self, time, space, and knowledge. The speaker writes, “…the universe/is an arrow/without end/and it asks only one question;/How dare you?” Zig-zagging through the realms of nature, science, and religion, one finds St. Francis sighing in the corner of a studio apartment, tides that are caused by millions of oysters “gasping in unison,” an ark filled with women in its stables, and prayers that reach God fastest by balloon. There’s pathos: “When my new lover tells me I’m correct to love him, I/realize the sound isn’t metal at all. It’s not the coins rattling/ on concrete, but the fingers scraping to pick them up.” And humor, too: “…even the sun’s been sighing Not you again/when it sees me.” After reading this far-reaching, inventive collection, we too are startled, space struck, our pockets gloriously “filled with space dust.”

Have Mars rovers struck water? - Technology & science - Space
From The latest findings from the Red Planet raise new questions about whether salty water is making Martian soil sticky. NASA: Atlantis Shuttle's Radiator Struck by Object in -
NASA: Atlantis Shuttle's Radiator Struck by Object in September Flight or its six -astronaut crew atany time, the space agency said Thursday. Space Struck - By Paige Lewis (Paperback) : Target
The poems in Space Struck read like a kind of alchemy I've simply not seen before--I'm so charmed by declarations like, 'I spent years living with ghosts/ strung  Deal struck to demonstrate in-space manufacturing – GeekWire
A division of Tethers Unlimited Inc. has signed a contract to demonstrate how future satellites could build their own frameworks in space. Record-Breaking Meteorite Crash on Moon Sparks -
The space rock hit at a staggering speed of 37,900 mph (61,000 km/h), gouging out a new crater roughly 131 feet (40 meters) wide in an  In Outer Space Rock 1, With Mass 3 Kg And Velocity - Chegg
Question: In Outer Space Rock 1, With Mass 3 Kg And Velocity < 3900, -2700, 3600 > M/s, Struck Rock 2, Which Was At Rest. After The Collision, Rock 1's  Russian Satellite Hit by Chinese Anti-Satellite Test Debris | Space
A small Russian spacecraft in orbit appears to have been struck by Chinese space junk from a 2007 anti-satellite test, likely damaging the  World War II bombing raids in London and Berlin struck the edge of
World War II bombing raids in London and Berlin struck the edge of space, our new study reveals. September 27, 2018 5.57am EDT. Scientists Reveal 'City Killer' Asteroid Nearly Struck Earth Earlier
Scientists Reveal 'City Killer' Asteroid Nearly Struck Earth Earlier This Week . FSU FOOTBALL REPORT: Friday Night Locker Room's Sam  Russian Soyuz rocket struck by LIGHTNING in shock footage
Lightning has hit a Russian Soyuz rocket moments after the launch for its trip into space, shocking video has revealed. The dramatic electrical  Jan. 22, 1997: Heads Up, Lottie! It's Space Junk! | WIRED
A short while later, she is struck on the shoulder by a piece of metal apparently from a disintegrating rocket, making her the only person 

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